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Trying to escape from battle didn't seem possible at all for me, so the tutorial for that is a softlock for me.

hold down the button.

maybe if i took a video about the problem maybe i can announce about this issue right? :)

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i have another issue it looks like a new place for this and time issues

see this picture please :)

maybe you are right my pc is pentium D cant support this game because i installed win 8.1 so that the game can't open right?

thanks for all support about this beautiful game

I'll look into it! Thanks for telling us.

Strangely, none of our testers ever had a pentium D core processor. It's probably incompatible. Did this happen on startup?


Hey, sorry for the reply. Would you find following your directory and giving us the error log? It should be located in your app data/local/revere_debug_log  

This would really help us get to the bottom of this!

Thanks again!

ok i'll give you my file place and the log

C:\Users\Yosef Elbedwehy\AppData\Local\REVERE_DEBUG_LOG

it says that : 

Cannot read property 'renderer' of undefined

TypeError: Cannot read property 'renderer' of undefined
    at (file:///C:/Users/Yosef Elbedwehy/Downloads/www/js/plugins/Chau_SceneStabilizer.js:582:28)
    at CacheMap.clear (file:///C:/Users/Yosef Elbedwehy/Downloads/www/js/plugins/Chau_SceneStabilizer.js:659:30)
    at Function.ImageManager.clear (file:///C:/Users/Yosef Elbedwehy/Downloads/www/js/rpg_managers.js:884:16)
    at Scene_Boot.Scene_Base.clearAllEntries (file:///C:/Users/Yosef Elbedwehy/Downloads/www/js/plugins/Chau_SceneStabilizer.js:1600:16)
    at Scene_Boot.Scene_Base.terminate (file:///C:/Users/Yosef Elbedwehy/Downloads/www/js/plugins/Chau_SceneStabilizer.js:872:42)
    at Scene_Boot.Scene_Base.terminate (file:///C:/Users/Yosef Elbedwehy/Downloads/www/js/plugins/Fogo_Tweens.js:199:25)
    at Function.SceneManager.changeScene (file:///C:/Users/Yosef Elbedwehy/Downloads/www/js/rpg_managers.js:1806:25)
    at Function.SceneManager.updateMain (file:///C:/Users/Yosef Elbedwehy/Downloads/www/js/rpg_managers.js:1790:18)
    at Function.SceneManager.updateMain (file:///C:/Users/Yosef Elbedwehy/Downloads/www/js/plugins/Revere_PauseOnUnfocus.js:209:53)
    at Function.SceneManager.update (file:///C:/Users/Yosef Elbedwehy/Downloads/www/js/rpg_managers.js:1715:14)

and some information about my pc too : 

processor : pentium D 945 " 3.40 GHZ"

ram : 4 (GB of ram)

windows : 8.1 pro

sorry for my pc 

my pc is in (Arabic) language because i'm Arabian sorry ^^

Furthermore, would you mind telling me how you stumbled upon this issue? Was it on startup? Please let us know!

Thank you kindly, what graphics card are you using?

intel (R) Q965/Q963 Express Chipset Family 

drive of the GPU

that's my GPU

thanks for asking again :)

rpg maker games are supporting pentium D :)


Hey, try download the new file and see if it runs on your computer. It should work this time! Please let us know.

ok i'll try tnhanks for helping me i'll see if it works or no.

ok i'll try thanks for helping me i'll see if it works or no.

it works but i have a small function issue on debug file

personally i think if you make the menus and speech bubbles more in theme  with the epic art and backdrops then it would make the game stand out and have more visual impact.


Noted! Thank you!


Linux version, please.

The game is looking great I really enjoy it

i have a bug and i can't fix it anyhelp pls :|

Bugs should be resolved as of now! Please try the new demo.

When will this game be finished?

I just played this game and I loved it! But it was the pre-alpha :c  It's incredible. Can't wait for the full game. 



I tried opening the game and tried to play it but showed with a error saying "

"img/system/%2F%5C%2FEcounter%20Rate% and So on...

Checked the Q/A and went to security settings because I'm on a mac, And everything was fine. What is the problem?


So 2017 is nearly over. How's the game looking?

Oh my, this game is absolutely beautiful. I love the soundtrack, I fell instantly in love with your characters. The game is stunning. I'm honestly speechless. I'll be sharing this to all of my friends!


dam I wish i was this good at making games

Very neat stuff.

What was this made in?

RPG Maker MV : )

you can use game maker to exchange your game to the best

Its a realy good Game. Is it okay when i make Videos about the Game and monetize them?

Go ahead.

I look forward to playing this game it looks well made.


Good evening. I only began to play and I had a mistake in the place where big blue diamond on a pedestal soars. I went to the right and the mistake appeared. And has to be or something not so? This is mistake.

We've resolved that error ages ago! Please check again :)

great game it is so awesome i love it


For some reason, I am having trouble opening the game. I haven't had this problem with any other games except yours, which is very disappointing because I really want to play! I am on a mac. As soon as I try to open it up, it says that the file is damaged. Not really sure what to do. Thanks for reading and I hope to play soon! ^.^


It's a common issue for mac. you need to change your security settings.

I've been having the same problem, but I don't know how to fix it. What settings do I have to change, exactly?

do you work as a team or do it alone?


somewhat of a team.

i hardly ever meet them ; )

haha nice, what engine do you use btw? and at the start where farrah and roland talk, roland's portrait seems to be a little imbalance imo. i dunno if you intend to do it or no. But i think it'll be better if you position it a little higher like troy or farrah. just started the demo now and i'm just curious about that. i'll let you know when i finished the game :)

I use a very primitive engine. RPG Maker MV.

also the imbalance is intended. Farrah is taller than Roland.

ah okay then if it was intended. btw i found a glitch when changing equipment. When you change equipment for Troy then you switch to Roland, you cant change Roland's weapon after that. Roland's weapon of choice will be dual blade and the same goes for Troy if you change Roland's weapon first. To get rid of this glitch, you need to get out of Status menu and reenter it again.

oh and in your picture where all party members gather in the snow, (cmiiw) i can see clearly that Roland is higher than Farrah.

We will look into it! Many Thanks!

I keep getting an error that the game can't load the encounter rate window bg, but the img seems fine if I inspect the package contents. Not sure what to do.

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Are you by chance using the Mac version? This problem is common in mac computers and we are trying to look into it further.

We resolved the issue! Thank you for your patience!

Hello! I wonder - how to contact developers of this game? :)

Hello! do contact me at I'm the developer (strashiner)